Job Hunting Strategy

Job Hunting Meaning: In the past I think believed that the meaning of a job hunt was to go out, to find one and to kill it. Rather like a cave-dweller, I had leave the domestic fires, wrap up against the element, grab my spear and risk travelling miles of uncharted territory in order to catch and kill my prey. I also forgot that age old wisdom that you have a ‘hunting party’ and I repeatedly took such trips alone. These were dangerous and lonely journeys.

Now I know different (better?) I know that no hunter would go too far. I know that no hunter would launch themselves into totally uncharted territory. I know that no hunter would track an animal they were unfamiliar with as I did. I know that no hunter should travel unaccompanied.
Hunting, be it for prey, or for a new role, is a skilled expedition. It was an expedition i undertook like some kind of lone wolf. I was putting all my trust in my own instincts. Unlike a wolf however I was not skilled enough to do so. My cub-hood had not refined my hunting instincts.I suspect i was a liability to both myself and to others who worked in the professional territory into which I strayed. Whilst my experiences were wide and diverse and stimulating, the bruising from my miscalculated forays, depended.
Hunting is such a refined skill because it is inherently dangerous. Whilst job hunting is rarely a risk to life or limb, there are very real risks to our professional development, our reputation and our confidence, if we miss-plan our expedition. We need to map the terrain. We need the right kit. We need knowledge of our prey, an habits and its habitat. We need back up, and we need strategy, and we need to know how to safe-guard in emergency. We need to know who has our back of it all goes t*ts up. We need to be realistic in our ambition and to know when to retreat and tend to our wounds.
Hunting is tactical. I recognise that the real job hunting meaning takes a lot more planning than I ever envisged when I was young and eager. Strategic job hunting is way more likely to yield satisfying and sustainable professional results. Take job hinting step by step and recognise you don’t need to take it alone. New hunter’s were apprenticed to this who were experienced. New job hunters can always find themselves a wise mentor who to take bits of their journey with them too. Don’t  job hunt alone when you don’t need to.

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