Effective Online Job Search

As i am sure you are aware, there are plenty of job hunting sites. I for one can stare at Glass Door, whilst it promises to find me:

“the job that fits your life”

for hours on end. The longer I stare and search, the more distracted and drained I can become. This is not the fault of this site or any other job hunting site. This response has, as profound as it has been, always been a response to the attitude that I bring to it.

If I approach any kind of search, be it for the ‘right’ gift for a friend, or the right career pathway, unless I bring real focus to that search, very swiftly I begin to forget what my original remit was. There has been significant study to prove that internet surfing rewires the brain. Evidence to prove that these new neural pathways in the frontal lobes ‘disrupts concentration, and such activity weakens comprehension’. This rewiring is turning us into shallower thinkers. It is difficult to retain your integrity when you have clicked more than a few hyperlinks because you have quit thinking effectively.

So here my tips for successful job hunting online. work out exactly what you want first and keep the written down in hard copy to hand. Limit the time you spend: if you haven’t spent ‘it’ in 30 minutes then today might not just be your day. Thirdly don’t even start the process late at night. if you are a night owl like me then it is very tempting to begin the search at around eleven…. but the time I am spat out of the other end of the ether, at around 3pm, I am drained and disillusion and beyond belief, brain buzzing, with no other human in sight for any kind of solace.

So be clear: what sector, culture and pay? what rules of engagement do you work best within? What do you bring to the negotiating table? What values will you not compromise. What identity do you seek. What purpose does your work need to serve, both personally and in its wider contribution to the world? These are not small questions but, if you begin your internet search holding tight to these, then if the right job is there, you will recognise it instantaneously. If the right job for you is not online today, then you can get off the brain dissolving trip, and go do something useful or fun.

Do not torture yourself unnecessarily with hours, days or weeks of hyper-link clicking. Approaching job hunting sites with no focus is a futile exercise that twill leave you devoid of any notion of the job you want next.

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