Job search Sites

Have you gone looking for one simple item on the t’interweb, only to emerge a couple of hours later feeling drained, scattered and still unsure of the best deal overall? If this can happen whilst I am seeking a paddling pool for the boy. The potential for confusion is increased tenfold, when seeking the job of your dreams in amongst all the job search sites.

Job Search sites

I have clients who show up in front of me desperate to find another way. Online, they have hopped from one opportunity to another that opens up before them, and then another and another, until, they emerge decimated once again. Hours have passed and all their energy and clarity has been sucked right out of the core of them. Once again it is time for bed. This is a late and lonely bedtime ritual.

Job search sites

Get Off-Line

So, instead of getting on-line, first get clear. Identify what you wish to do: Decide where you will and indeed will not work regards location. Identify how much of your life you want your work to encompass. Identify the kind of people and cultures you will flourish within. Identify any potential ethical dilemma: There is no point applying if the organisational values are at odds with you own. Be clear about your boundaries. Know and value what you bring with your experience, knowledge and attitude: Know where your strengths lie and just how you play to them. Consider the identities you have had in the past and that which you might like to have on the future. A good marker here is envy: If you envy another’s station in life then perhaps you might just be able to go and get to it too? Have a little look at the purpose of work for you other than earning a wage. Look hard enough and there will be a thread within your past roles that join them all together. This will guide you towards you next professional opportunity. Lastly, decide on your intended wage: Money is only one measure of professional success (see Drive).

Get Clear

Then, and only then, is it wise to approach “The WWW”. Boundary your excursion and set an alarm. Stick to an hour. Do an hour, each day, and, you’ll find your next role with ease, without driving yourself demented. Talk to people of your journey, real people, out in the real world. Everyone you know has their own connections, and, this way might lie the solution to your professional conundrum. Be clear about your work remit. Be open with others about that. that’s the best way to find you new role. Be VERY clear what it is you are seeking before you go any where near the internet. And when you are ready to use job search sites: Avoid: and do check out Glass Door.