Leadership Coach: Core Values

Leadership coach: Core Values. Honestly, I’ll say it over and over and over again. If you are trying to lead change through people then you have to nourish yourself first: “You Can’t give away what you haven’t got…”. However, if you do engage with aggressive self-care and it’s still not serving you, then, what you might be facing is a values split. What does that mean? It means that at a fundamental level, you may be finding that you do not agree with something that your organisation or sector is doing.

What are the consequences of that? Well, in the short term it can show up as stress and increasing inner conflict. In the long run, it can become lethargy and a feeling of disengagement. Finally, if it is not addressed then this can manifest as ill-health compromising either your physical or in mental well-being. That seems like a very big risk to take.

Leadership coach: Core Values

Here’s an example I faced right back in my mid-20s. Having worked in training and development for a couple of years, I took on a role as a “Trainee Personnel Manager” in the retail sector. I felt very grand. I thought ‘personnel is about people. What could possibly go wrong?’ Well, when I found myself in the same situation, day after day when the only answer I was allowed to give any of the 500 employees in that branch that came to ask me a question was “we do it this way because it is company policy”
THAT was NOT about empowering people one little bit…!
THAT was not how I envisaged my role. THAT was NOT about empowering people one little bit…! One day after 14 hours on the shop floor, I was instructed to interview in a different city for the manager role I had applied for, by 8 am the following morning. I was advised that I needed to give a presentation. In my previous organisation, which was empowering and had an all pitching in attitude. I would have done exactly that if that was what had been needed. In this organisation I paused, I breathed, I wrote a resignation letter, I popped it on the desk of my manager. I grabbed my jacket, I walked out of the door, taking off my heels as I did so,… and it was SUCH a relief!!! The mistake you will already notice,  was that about 3 hours later, when I came down off my “high” I realised I was unemployed! That was easily remedied at the time.
Leadership Coach: Core Values
I people often show up here for leadership coaching and we identify a values split. fear not, there are choices at this point in your career and I don’t particularly champion the ‘taking your heels off and walking out’ as a rule. I DO champion however is examine what is not lining up for you and then deciding what to do. It might mean walking away. In which case we can work out your exit strategy. Ir might, however, mean gathering your energy and all your support and working out what it is that you can change. There are all sorts of choices in between.

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Politics affect sector changes. Money leads businesses to make bad decisions. People in power make choices in things they know nothing about. The goals posts move. Perhaps it is your remit is to help identify that before the whole thing comes tumbling down. Please don’t attempt to do it alone.  You’ll need to gather your team.
Gather Your Team: I Dare You! 

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