Leading Change

Leadership Coaching: Change. In my experience, change can only be led from a grounded place. Usually, grounded means the lived experience place. If you haven’t been through the experience yourself, you’d better be open and willing to co-create with those who have: These are the people who know what’s needed. These are the people who know what it’s like at the front line. There are the people who can enable you to generate fit-for-purpose solutions to the very real problems people are facing. Which is why change is needed in the first place. These people are your treasure-chest of gold.

Jess Phillips in her diversity speech says:
“I’ve met high earners with literally no discernible skills…”
And haven’t we all met a consultant or CEO or political persons who fit that profile….? Worryingly these are often the decision-makers in our lives.  And how can that work then? Did any of those people you met ask you a question and genuinely listen to the answer???? Some of them might have even met your eyes, but, nevertheless I can almost guarantee that little or nothing of what you shared was going in. Does this sound bitter? Really, it is!!!! I have worked in SO many places where wisdom is generously shared and literally none of it is heard.

Leadership Coaching: Change

Lived experience is being seen as pivotal in social change. I think it’s pivotal in change right across the board. You cannot make an effective policy by hanging out with The Old Boy’s network. You absolutely have to consult with (& listen and act upon!) the information of those experiencing life in need. You absolutely cannot make good decisions about the growth of a business in any sector without co-creating with your client base and those who serve them face to face.
You cannot change-make without either lived experience or without spending a LOT of time listening to those who possess it. It’s time we chose a different paradigm. It’s really time we stopped believing we know better and telling people what to do! This 2000-year-old nonsense had to stop.
The good news is that it is our time now…. the survivors, the knowledgeable, those of us wise enough to get over our egos and consult. Those of us who will empower others to do what they needed in their own way, and, will still have their backs. The bad news is that things still do go wrong, they will. Whaar we need to be doing is learning from those experiences. Sometimes, when we have those with lived experience on the board, then those lessons don’t have to be repeated over and over again…

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Most importantly, as a leader, YOU need to lead change from a grounded place. If you root yourself in the earth (literally, get barefoot and stand on the soil regularly!) if you are rooted in the cultural context of your business and your sector then, it will enable you to lead differently. You will be able to lead with authenticity,  with curiosity, and with deep congruence.
Lead Differently: I Dare you! 

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