The Real Costs of Leadership

Leadership Coaching Costs: There is a particular trait that I see in ‘my’ leaders. They are the intuitive types, the whole systems thinkers, they can spot in an instant when something is not working. They are often considered disruptive for trying to solve these problems because other humans are terrified of change. These truth-speaker and problem solvers can get scapegoated and victimised for sharing what seems to them to be the bloody obvious. These individuals need to stay safe and get clever at choosing when, where, with whom and how to share their wisdom. The cost of trying to lead true change can be very high. Does this ring any bells?

All systems suffer from entropy, and most organisations are tokenistic around implementing change. Some organisations are downright toxic and bloody-minded in their resistance. Yet changes are needed in order that these living, breathing entities can continue to exist. Their client base, their customers, their environment and politics are always in flux and their needs change. Businesses must move with them or make themselves obsolete.

Leadership Coaching Costs

The COST of being intuitive is so high. These truth speakers I work with are showing up in my red chairs SO burned out, furious and bruised as their wisdom goes unheeded. It is our job to collaboratively find ways for that individual to heal, and to redesign the way that they can make difference.


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Seniority is certainly no guarantee of potency. Less senior individuals are often the ones who really know ‘it’ needs doing differently, and, who can see oncoming organisational disasters. Sometimes intuitive types ARE better off resigning and making a new thing their own way. Sometimes its absolutely appropriate that these intuitive types stay right in Situ in order to share the information that needs sharing. your organisation, business and your sector need you.  What is essential is that you are safe whilst you do so. Interestingly enough I too was that person when I worked within organisations. I was the one who in all innocence would say ‘but that doesn’t work, perhaps we could try xy&z instead?’. I was the one who would be unheard, who was I’ll-treated or edged out to avoid their discomfort. I often felt like the failure. I learned to stay quiet…

Therefore I want to support those of you who still want to speak up. I get the privilege of enabling you bright, brilliant, wise people to go and make a difference without harming yourself in the process. Need Support? I’m here.



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