Leadership & Cultural Change

Leadership coaching: Cultural Change. If management is getting tasks done through people then Leadership is making change through people. That means that “leadership” suddenly doesn’t look as clear-cut as I had imagined.

Leaders to me, were the traditional bosses; Those authoritarian types who give orders top down. Now, I know this not to be true. Leaders aren’t people with layers of people on the rungs below them. Leaders aren’t lone figures heading up a line of other individuals, leading them to a new place. Leadership of Cultural change is much more complex and subtle than that.

For example, my role, which primarily consists of one to one work in a nice room over looking green space, where we tease out the subtlety of what’s really important in work, is a leadership role. 

Why is this a leadership role? It’s a leadership role because every single person who leaves our work together, leave with clarity about what it is you need and want. You all know your core values and your purpose at work. Having that knowledge means you won’t take just any old risk or work somewhere exploitative. So, many individual having that knowledge means that all sorts of new enterprises are being set up. It means that established organisations are being held to account for their working practices by their employees.

Leadership Coaching: Cultural Change

This IS Leadership. This is cultural change, not because you leave here with my agenda not because you leave here clear about your own. When more people have clarity about what is really important in work, business and trade, then there are ethics in business. The ripple effect grows strong and malpractice is noticed and accountability is held.

I am coming from a grassroots leadership place. It’s a very powerful tool to enable others to believe they can stand up for themselves and for others. I shall keep doing it, this Leadership role, because, Trade doesn’t need to be bad, it does need to be authentic, people-centred and real.

I am a leader. Are you?

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