Leadership: Engaging The Team

Leadership coaching: Engagement. Are you having trouble engaging your team? Perhaps they are not entirely clear about what it is that you are trying to do? In Lammer’s Organisational Model, you can see that there are strata. You can see that The Vision is furthest away from The Personal. The place where The Vision is created is often furthest away from those operating on the Frontline too. Thus this is where the most misunderstandings manifest.

If the vision has changed, do your team know it?
If the client need has changed, did anybody feel they could tell you?
Leadership is about rapport and relationships. So, Build them…

Leadership Coaching: Engagement


On the whole, I am not talking about gathering your team together and talking ‘At’ them about what it is you are trying to do. That kind of one-way communication, however the good the intention, usually builds resistance. What I am exploring here is the notion of regularly talking with each individual in the team. Get to know them. Show you care. Hear what they have to say.

I really don’t want to teach anyone to suck eggs but, having been on the receiving end of some terrible leadership (why do you think I employ myself), then it would be remiss of me not to share what I learned. Communication is two way, irrespective of any pay scale, gender, status or job title. You are still two equal humans with equally valid opinions. You might be an expert in leadership and they are the expert in the client base, or the sector, or the humans you employ. Learn to ask. Learn to listen. Learn to share.


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If you are ‘Leading Change’ then you have plenty of battles to be fighting in order to navigate that process. Invest time in each person on the inside of your team and you will have engagement and alignment and loyalty within.  You’ll understand what drives each person, what expertise they bring and what it is that they need in order to be their best-selves in their work for you.


Be Courageous enough to talk to each individual – I Dare You


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