Leadership Coaching: Expertise

Leadership Coaching: Expertise: Never be scared to hire people who are better than you. Here’s why: If you can lead a team of experts and those who are already “Authorities” in their own right … then between you there will be something awesome created. Never hire someone because they make you feel better about yourself or superior at their expense. If you find yourself hiring with this remit it means the rot has already set in, and the mold will keep on growing over any potential between you. This work isn’t about your ego.

Leadership Coaching: Expertise

Only hire those who inspire you with their enthusiasm. Hire those who fill you full of awe at their knowledge. Hire those who are so quick-thinking you have to really focus on order to keep up. These will be the people who are able to contribute the sheer quality you need. A team of this caliber will make your project, mission or purpose fly.

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Hire people who will overtake you, we all have our time and if you don’t hire them then your competitor will. Hire people who are totally capable of outsmarting you, if you are kind to them then they will be loyal to you. Hire individuals who utterly understand their niche as this means you don’t have to. Sure, attend to your ego and your insecurities, and then get over yourself and invite only the very best onboard.

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