Leadership “Firsts”

Leadership Coaching: Firsts. There is a Jungian belief that we have all we will ever need around us. And, that we can only access when we are ready.   If you are new to a leadership role then you might be asking questions about your suitability for this role?

What makes us ready to access all these resources? “Need” is what makes us able to take what is there. Have you ever found yourself in a totally unanticipated situation and in hindsight found you dealt with it just fine? The kind of situation that had you anticipated it, might have had you running for the hills… and yet… you discovered that you had all you needed when it came to it. We are each a mass of unrealised potential.  We never use that potential until we really need to. There are all sorts of people behaving in extraordinary ways in order to survive a bad situation:

Ralston will forever be known as the guy who cut his hand off to escape a climbing accident that left him trapped between two boulders. Callahan Who was rescued after he had been adrift at sea for 76 days …

It can feel the same with a leadership role. If you have the passion for the purpose of this project or team then you will be motivated to do a LOT to make it work. As someone said to me yesterday. ”Once you have done something once, you know how to do it the next time.”

Leadership Coaching: Firsts.

In the beginning, a leadership role can be a whole heap of ‘new’ and ‘firsts’. As the months go by however, and your experience grows, then balance begins to tip. You will feel that more of the situations you face are familiar. You will rarely know everything about a leadership role, and if you do then it’s  probably time to move on to avoid boredom and stagnation. The time will however come when you know more than you don’t. Keep facing those ‘Firsts” and you will, inevitably, begin to step right into your authority.

Keep Stretching. You’ll find You’ve got this!

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