The Generosity & Vulnerability of Leadership

Leadership Coaching: Generosity. Are you letting your children out into the world? By which I mean, are you letting your ego interfere and arrest your generosity? I think it’s a tender vulnerability to risk putting your heart out into the world, and yet, that’s exactly what you need to do if you want to lead change.

How many projects, systems, have you half developed and then lost the courage to share them? And, what use are they gathering dust in the drawer?

I started writing a book, I put it down due to a couple of bereavements, I picked it up again, showing up to write, every morning before the family rose…. then I began to question WTF I was playing at…. I had in the meantimes shared a chapter with someone. I had forgotten I had even done it. Today, she turned round and unsolicited, gave me the most awesome feedback and the  encouragement to ‘get it out there’.

If I had never shared it, I wouldn’t have this input. Without this input, I was seriously considering squirrelling my words away…. Now I know I need to put myself aside and show up. I have an appointment with the creation of this book. If it’s not this one that’s a roaring success then it will be the next one. Words are a thing for me. A way Of sharing pain, beauty and wisdom. 

Leadership Coaching: Generosity

It’s a tender-vulnerable thing to share what’s ‘true’ for us isn’t it? But, without this generosity, without the courageous pushing-on-through the ‘what will they think….‘, what kind of world would we live in. How would we connect? Where would we be without all the art and performance and words that touch us and connect us and join us together?

How many projects have you put aside? Just because it is easier, quicker and safer (for us!), to do it the same way as it has always been done? The world needs what each of us brings. Time to get over our egos, move aside, and let our brilliance come through. I can highly recommend Julia Cameron’s The Artists Way if you’re stuck. 

I’ll write my book if you’ll risk sharing your unique way? Deal?

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