Leadership: Ways to Gain Perspective.

Leadership Coaching: Perspective. Take a step back. Honestly, it’s so easy to be right at the coal face, doing the fire-fighting and immersed in the everydayness of a team or project, it’s very easy to lose sight of the bigger picture. Time to step away. Get off-site, get away from any kind of work for a day; Reflecting from a big distance can have big rewards…

Get out of the workplace; get out of the city or certainly into green spaces. Get into your body. Take a notebook. Drop down into yourself, be present where and with the people who are accompanying you. Push thoughts of work aside. Notice what’s around you. Clear yourself of the chatter that’s constant in everyday life. 

Notice beauty, notice how your body feels and what it needs. Notice the people and wildlife around you. Be stilled within these new circumstances. After a few hours of being absolutely present, then and only then, allow your mind to stray towards your team, project or organisation… If solutions arise, write them down. Then let them go And move right back to being present. If more ideas arise note them down and then return to being present. Allow these ideas and solutions to drop in, capture them and then let go again. Working in Yin, with receptivity means all sorts of leftfield and quite brilliant ideas to visit. 

Leadership Coaching: Perspective

You might think ‘how can I afford to take a day out when I have so much to do’ but have you ever noticed when you shine a bright light on a spider you wish to capture before sleep, it scuttles out of reach? Well, problems and quandaries, ethical dilemmas and worries often behave in exactly the same way. When you stare straight at them the solutions scuttle out of reach?

If you learn to look away for a while, I can guarantee that when you look at the list of solutions you have generated in that time away. Then you will find yourself thinking ‘how can I not afford to take the time to do this’. You will have the most effective and clear picture of what it is you need to do.
Take a step back and get a new perspective. This is an investment of time that will benefit your team, project or organisation way more than weeks worth of being hands-on at the coal face. 

Try it I dare you.

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