Pragmatic Leadership

Leadership Coaching: Practicality. I remember my Mum looking me in the eye when I was having another career-panic when I was about 30 and saying ‘but you could do ANYTHING and you have so much to give!!!!’. That was a real double- whammy. So, not only did I not know what I should be doing in the world. Now I also felt guilty that I wasn’t contributing to it as well! FFS! Stuck!

Watching clients blossom as we work together I can appreciate where my Mum was coming from. These people sitting before me have SO much more to bring than they have any cognisance of. I can also see that the world does indeed need them. Simultaneously I know that there is no point telling them this, without some very clear actions to take. Humans cannot close the gap between how they have been perceiving themselves and their true potential without the practical stepping stones upon which to cross that river of self-doubt. 

Leadership Coaching: Practicality

So, together, we spend time dreaming in the vision of how their professional world could look. And how their project needs to be so they can lead it. 

Then, we get really practical. We work out together what steps they will need to take and when. We work out who’s on the team to support, Mentor and encourage. We work out what practical thongs need to be in place. We work out what things might sabotage these steps. We work out costs on time and money. We work out your assets and your vulnerabilities.  We work out where your accountability lies. 

Only then will you be sent out into the world. This is the way to make your leadership potential manifest. You need those practicalities. Without these steps, your vision may remain a dream.

Whether you know it or not, You have so much to bring to the world… let’s work out how!

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