Leadership Coaching: Redundancy

Leadership Coaching: Redundancy. Once you have been in a leadership role, in my (not so), humble opinion, there is no point playing small in your applications or interviews. People will totally feel your power whether you voice it or not.  Most of our communication is non-verbal. A good percentage is not even gestural. That means that whatever you do or say, there is no disguising your potency.

Psychology Today gives a much more in-depth model of Albert Mehrabian’s 7% rule:

“If there were ever numbers associated with body language and nonverbal communication, they would be 55, 38, and 7. “


“The 55/38/7 percentage and the 3 C’s of Nonverbal Communication remind us that, when trying to understand others, a single gesture or comment does not necessarily mean something. Instead, these theories allow us to take note and observe more to get a better understanding of what is going on”

In the context of real-life your experience, your skills, and your personality are all embodied. Therefore trying to be something you are not will simply lead to lack of congruence and your application or interview will simply not ring true. So, you might as well step into your power then! Might as well quit applying for those roles that are too small or the organisation’s who can’t do joined up thinking as they will be frightened by what you bring.

Leadership Coaching: Redundancy

It’s hard to say, “It’s their loss” when you are bored and need that new role for your sanity as much as your income. However, to save getting rejected and bruised all over again … it’s time to move on. Step into your power. Be brave. Apply for the roles that fire you up and are a step up from your last grade. Apply even if you don’t tick all their ‘essential’ boxes. You might not have ‘a degree in marketing’, but if you have 20 years of hands-on experience then do claim it as your own!

Know you have much to bring to the world and forge on ahead until you find just the right place that this can be received. Hold strong, take good care of you, only apply for things that really matter to you. And never, ever play small. That’s just not what the world needs from you.

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