Its Your Neck On The Line

Leadership Coaching: Responsibility: I had gifted a little lesson to me today in where ‘responsibility in leadership really lies… ‘ Oh, it lies with me. However much I empower and trust my tribe, mistakes do get made and accountability for errors lies at my feet. 

I needed to submit a funding bid today and I had asked for a significant amount of statistical information. I know this individual to be more than competent, I was short of time and I simply inserted what I was given. 


Having spell checked my document, I inserted the figures and merrily sent it on its way. For my records, I printed it out and causally casting my eyes across the page I realised that the stats were completely wrong. Half the information had been omitted. Therefore nothing in that document made sense… and it had gone already! It was legally binding and there was no point in saying ‘but I didn’t do that bit’

Oh. Time to lift the receiver and make the call to apologise, request they delete it. Then it was time to sit down and amend the information. There disappeared a whole and unplanned afternoon.

So my guidance to you is to check. My husband has a saying that goes like this “ assumption is the mother of all fuck-ups’ and I had absolutely assumed in this case. 

Leadership Coaching: Responsibility

Had I checked the information when I had received it, instead of assuming it was accurate and using it at the last minute… I wouldn’t have had to apologise and I wouldn’t have been so pushed for time.


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Empower all you like, AND, never assume when it’s your neck on the line. It is a fine line to tread. Never micro-manage, but do hold in mind, that it IS in your remit to check.  

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