Be A Bulb!

Career Coaching: Be a bulb! When I first began career coaching I was under the illusion that with The New Year, clients would come pouring through the door to make their resolutions real. Nope! That just is not the case. And, now I know why that is.

We, humans, are made of the same stuff as the mud and trees outside our windows. With the turn of the wheel of the year, into the darkest days and longest nights at the solstice, all living things take cover. Few living things in the northern hemisphere are bouncing about in early January.  The winter months are NOT about visible change. Life above ground right now is about showing the minimum, in order to stay safe.

Career Coaching: Be A Bulb!

So, my career guidance right now is to Be a Bulb. Stay snug beneath the soil, keep safe from biting winds and fierce frosts. Instead, allow the rain to gently penetrate as you begin to put your taproot down. Explore the nourishment seeping in the earth below you before you even consider upward growth. Enjoy being safe, and take care of your potency. Feel into the depth of your roots. Take nourishment deep in the dark. That way when the conditions are warm and right for growth above ground, you will be so strongly rooted and nourished, you will be able to stand tall.
Be a bulb. Don’t resist the natural wise ways. Feed your thoughts, inclinations, and new ideas below ground, in time they will be ready to show themselves to the world.

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