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Business Coaching Bristol: Enabling others to build their businesses is a privilege.  During one particularly rewarding session the client came up with this mantra for her enterprise:

“Bugger it, Be yourself and Be opinionated.”

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The more I walk alongside new enterprises the more if become apparent that John Lydgate‘s words “… you can’t please all of the people all of the time”  show themselves to be true. Try to please everyone and you’ll dilute yourself so very much that you’ll have nothing to bring to anyone.
Showing up, being real, being generous with your ideas, being willing to put your hands up when you get it wrong are all essential parts of an authentic business. If you know what drives you, if you can own your motives, if you can be honest in your opinions, then you increase your chances of every aspect of that business entity lining up. People pleasing can be so corrosive. If your opinions don’t please everyone, then so what. The important bit is to always endeavour to find the solution that pleases BOTH you AND your customer. Grow that bit and the rest will take care of itself.

Business Coaching Bristol 

Business alignment is really important because with that comes resilience. The more you depart from your chosen path, especially if it is done in order to meet other’s expectations when they differ from your own, the more vulnerable you leave yourself. Don’t try to be anyone else’s business. They are all taken.
Be True to yourself & Be True to your passion – I Dare You! 

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