What’s Unique About Business Coaching in Bristol?

Business Coaching Bristol

The unique thing about business coaching Bristol is the unique nature of the business landscape in this city. All Bristol residents will know that if things can be done a different way, in Bristol, they will be done a different way. Having lived in this metropolis for over two decades I know that Bristol’s best streak is it’s rebellious one.

Rebellious & Playful Bristol

Rebellion leads to challenge of the status quo. Rebellion leads to spontaneous problem Solving. Our rebelliousness leads to a creative response in business that is unparalleled anywhere in the UK. If you want to be in business in Bristol, you had better be prepared to be agile and throw your everything at it!

Bristol is a place where you can be playful in Business. Business coaching in Bristol has the added dimension of being held within a context that adores innovation and humour. Business coaching in Bristol is a place that will tolerate? No! Bristol will actually applaud when any of us do the seemingly impossible. Bristol is a place that knows that just because it hasn’t been done before, it certainly doesn’t mean that it cannot be done.  If “The Thing” can be done anywhere, it will be done in here in this city.

Business Coaching Bristol

Business Culture

How do I know Bristol’s rebellion? Firstly because I am doing it! Secondly because I support other individuals and organisations who are doing it too. This is the joy of the work that I do. I was once asked at an interview for entrepreneurial start-up “what makes you think you can make your business idea work?”. My response was “because I keep being told that I can’t, and, I absolutely know that I can!”. Having counselled a lot of other coaches and, having been advised over and over that coaching was only a ‘parachute or second job’, my resolve (and indeed my rebellion!), were merely strengthened. I got the start-up funding. I get to make a very good living doing what I love. That’s Bristol for you!

Business Coaching

Much of the business coaching I provide here in Bristol involves putting the right words around ‘The Thing’ that individuals or organisations wish to do. If ‘The Thing’ has never been done before, then how on earth do you know what to call it. If ‘The Thing’ has no name, then how can you market that? Words are very important and refining exactly what ‘The Thing’ is, and just what need it meets. This work is core to the success of any business.

Valued Filled Business

Likewise, the organisations in this city who seek cultural change, usually don’t want to follow another’s model to the letter. They may take bits of many styles of leadership, but they want to configure their own style, in their own way. This is a city where businesses are rewarded for staying true to their values and claiming their quirky identities. This is a city where you can gather a really loyal customer base if you are authentic and true. There is money in this city, but I warn you that it will only be spent with the businesses that prove their worth. The Bristol customer is not only rebellious and curious but is also ethical and savvy. Doing good business in Bristol involves being trustworthy and value-filled. Business Coaching Bristol will enable these triggers that mean that business will grow and flourish here.