How To Define Your Business Identity

Business coaching Identity: I tried to define my business identity in a void. Does this sound familiar?

I wanted to know exactly who I would be coaching and how I would be doing it, before even trying it. This prevented me from practising. This perfectionism prevented me from being of any use to anyone else too.
 I had to step right over my perfectionism and practise IN ORDER to define my identity. I had to take action.

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Once I got over that terrible fear; of not being good enough, of worrying what others would think, or whether I could cope if a client really came undone, of being caught on the hop…..of.…. ad Infinitum.
And so I started! I offered up my skills up to people I knew who were stuck at work or conflicted in their lives. The more people came to me, the clearer my niche became. The clearer my niche become, the easier it was to magnetise those bright and beautiful individuals who were needing to make big decisions in their professional worlds. The more I worked with them the more passionate I became about enabling other people to recognise and play to their strengths.

Business coaching Identity

So, my business identity did not arise out of a void. My business identity was an organic growth from taking the risk (& it did feel very risky!) of working collaboratively.
This is how I found the sweet spot between what I love doing and that which is needed in the world.
I risked stepping out in the world, making myself vulnerable and trusting (hoping!), that I would cope with the consequences. I am SO glad that I did!
Take Action: Risk it – I Dare You!

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