Career Advice: Kind

Career Advice: Kind: There is a layer or stream that runs beneath career coaching and that is self-care. No changes can be even considered until you attend to that.

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Most new clients show up here acutely undernourished. They have been running too fast and working too hard. They have been running from pillar to post trying to keep the mortgage paid, the kids on track and the job under control. As a result, these individuals have not been meeting their own needs. They might not have been meeting their own needs for quite some time!
What happens as a result of this malnourished state is that it is impossible to make effective changes. What also grows from this malnourishment is the pattern of over-thinking. By abandoning ourselves we render ourselves incapable of knowing what we want and need. The future looks bleak and foggy as we begin to feel that we are failing again and again. Then, when our job becomes unbearable or is even threatened. There are few resources with which to handle the transition.
Many a client has shown up to career coaching, expecting a solution to their professional quandary only to find that they need to attend to their human selves first.
Career Guidance: Kind

Career Advice: Kind

Before any decent professional decision can be made you need to be taking good care of yourself. When you take good care of yourself, when you listen to yourself, when you feed yourself with good food and the right company, you are in touch with your needs. This way you might eliminate the need for a coach altogether. Might you just find that you knew your answers all along?
Take good care of yourself – I dare you!

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