What Triggers the Need for a Career Change?

Career Change: As we grow in wisdom (and maybe age a little physically!), we begin to know our values and refine our beliefs. This can lead to a strong need for a career change. If you feel the thunder clouds gathering in you at work, this could be the reason why.
Career Change
I am often asked what is the difference between the two words. Put simply “values” are our internal compass. We may only have three or four of them, but once we make them, we can use them to make our big life decisions. For example one of my values is “fairness”. If in a project I choose or a life decision I make, there is unfairness, then either I am compelled to address that or I need to stay well away. If our values are not honoured in our work, then eventually, the internal conflict will become too big and we will become stressed or even unwell if we try to plough on
“Beliefs” are the things that we pick up from others as we go through our lives. They originate with our parents, our schools, our society and our peers. Some of them serve us well, and some, we may have out-grown. Something that we believed to be true for us when we were 23, may now actually be getting in our way today. Once we identify this, we can choose to set it down and substitute something much more useful to us on the present.

And this is how our beliefs and values affect our professional development.

If we have not honoured our values for too long we will become restless, discontented, conflicted and dis-eased. We may not even know why. This can easily happen when our working culture changes. As budgets are squeezed, and working practices change with funky ‘new initiatives’ and lean-teams. It can become impossible for you to do the work you set out to do! This is a frustrating and hurtful scenario if you have even half a passion for your purpose!
It is perhaps your beliefs about yourself and the world that might be getting in the way of a career change. You might not think you are worth it or capable of it. You might hold deep-seated beliefs about what is possible or not for you, that you cannot take the risk. These beliefs may not even be relevant now, but until you name them, they will continue to get in your way.
These two together then create huge conflict. If your values need you to change career but your beliefs are keeping you stuck? What can be done????

Career Change

If you want my prescription then it would be to come and do the work to make those things visible to yourself. Come and work out what motivates you, over and above money. to work. Come and work out what in you is stopping you from engaging with that work that matters. Come and work out how you can be your best professional self. Come and identify exactly what you need and where you need to place yourself in order to make that happen.

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