Never Dilute ‘Your Thing”

Career coach: Concentration. Beware of diluting your unique self. Sure, when there’s a seed of an idea, for a career path, or a business or a project, do your market research……. and then….. shut the doors for a while. Disconnect from contaminants for a little time in order that your idea can grow in its unique way. Unsubscribe from your competitor’s marketing emails. Refuse to look at their content posts. Quit trawling their websites in order to work out what else you ‘should’ do.

Quit analysing whether ‘they’ are better than you. Stop asking whether their service is more advanced. Quit assessing how much more successful they are than you. Certainly, quit assuming the market is ‘already saturated’. So someone has already done it before or indeed is already doing it… So What! None of them will be doing it like you!

Career Coach: Concentration

The hardest marketing task is to sell something that has never existed before. It is much easier to convince people to invest in a thing that they already understand but that has your unique spin. So allow yourself to retreat a little. Protect this new growing thing. It will only keep its integrity if you maintain its purity. It doesn’t need anyone’s criticism right now and it certainly doesn’t need yours!

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Most of all stop comparing your inside self with the ‘Outside Persons” others project on social media … everyone is making it up as they go along. Those who succeed are those who hold their line, who work to maintain their unique thing, and who rigorously follow it through.

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