Career Coaching: A Client Told Me This …

Career Coaching: A Client Told Me This …
Whilst I would never use a client’s words on the grounds of confidentiality, in short, what she said was that, mid-way through this coaching process that she was REALLY struggling with work and her world.
I thought it might be useful for more than just her to read my response:
“I’m hearing you – thank you for letting me know where you are up to. It helps me as your coach.
So, If it’s any help, your experience at this point in the coaching process is really common. As you said yourself you ‘stood in front of an open door that led to hope’ in our last session. However, when there has been a glimpse of hope, it’s even harder when it is taken away again and we return to ‘normality’. 
you ‘stood in front of an open door that led to hope’ in our last session
The solution is two-fold. Firstly, self-care. (and then more self-care and then even more self-care). This kind of transition can be painful so you must take care of yourself. That. Is. An. Order. There is often grief in this kind of process. There might be anger as well as sadness. You may well feel like you have had a layer or two of your skin removed so you feel raw to be back in the old way of doing things because you have had a glimpse of an alternative and now that has gone again….
This IS temporary. It’s part of the process so please be kind to yourself.”

Career Coaching: A Client Told Me This …

Secondly, the thing about hope is this: once you have had a glimpse of it, it never goes away again. I know you can’t see it right now, but it’s still there and, if you keep showing up, she will reveal herself.
If our session together this week is ‘going to be really difficult, I am still here and we will face it together. I don’t know if that helps, but it does mean you are doing really good work, and that my dear means that the process will pay off in the long run. Hold strong. 
I know it’s painful but, from your coach’s point of view, you are right on track. We can do this alongside each other until that ‘hope’ you glimpsed can become a reality” 
Sending so much love your way”
If you feel like you are struggling alone on your professional path, you really don’t have to be – Do book yourself in here.

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