Authentically, You.

Career coaching: Authentically, You. Corvid-19 is bringing authenticity with it. I hope we can never go back to the incongruous nature of pretending to ‘be’ what our role is. Working from home while juggling the kids, managing our emotional processes, and working digitally mean that the real you will have been seeping our all over the place… And this is no bad thing.

We are allowed to be simultaneously scared for our health and that of our family, at the same time as showing up and doing a good job. It is fine for us to transition to working in new ways and fxxk-up on zoom. And still do a good job.

It is fine to sequester a room to work in at home and then not find the folder you needed for a couple of hours. And still do a good job. It’s not incongruous to have the giggles one moment and be in tears the next and still do a good job. These are human reactions to fear. These are fear-filled and triggering times.

It is fine to find some of this situation both devastating and hopeful and still do a good job. It’s fine to have to hop from infuriated parent to uncertainty to confident employer in a matter of minutes. There’s are intense times. You are still doing a good job.

Career Coaching: Authentically, You.

I had a lovely interaction with a fellow coach when I reached out to her. In response to my request, she responded. “It’s good to meet you. I am pink as a lobster right now” and, who isn’t trying to combine a little sun worshipping while it shines…. What a Beautiful response. I immediately felt a connection with her. Surely it is when we ARE connected, and we see the real person we are collaborating with that the very best work can be done.

I’m sorry it took such devastating circumstances to trigger this authenticity, but long may it last. There is always gold in dark places.

It is realistic and human and possible, and perhaps even essential to be human and fail. To learn from that and still do a good job.

Seriously, be your authentic, quirky self. Who are you hiding yourself from anyway?

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