Coming Unraveled

Career Coaching: Coming Unraveled: As I coach more, whilst my clients are learning about themselves, I too am learning about myself. I always wondered why this was called “A Coaching Practice”??? When would I have finally qualified? And, if you have done any personal development, you too will know that once you have opened the door to personal development, it never ever closes again, not in this lifetime anyhow!

Thus, it is a coaching practice, a Supervisory practice, a Shamanic practice, I am practicing all the time.
So, if the clients are practicing and the practitioner is practicing… who’s in charge! I may have thought for a while that The coaching, Supervision, Shamanic models were in charge. And, certainly, they have a big place. Now, I know that what’s in charge is the relationship itself.
It is the relationship that I have, and that we build as a practitioner and client that is in charge. Why? It’s because, without the relationship, no intervention, model, or ritual will have any purchase. Without the trust and risk in the relationship, nothing can take hold and begin to grow. Therefore, without the relationship, very little will change.

Career Coaching: Coming Unraveled

So, the relationship is in charge and is the container within which the work is held. It is the client that leads the dance, the client is in charge of the direction of travel. It’s the interventions that bring healing and resolution…So, what on Earth am I doing?
What this Coach / Supervisor/ Shamanic practitioner is doing is bringing her presence. She is looking through all the lenses. She is holding space, she is noticing what happening and being curious and asking the questions And pulling the threads where the energy Feels tangled.
This means we can reweave the patterns together in the way each client needs. A client will only ever allow themselves to become unraveled where the relationship feels safe.

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