A Little Piece of Tenderness

Career Coaching: Encouragement. Here’s a little letter I wrote for some gentle encouragement today.  I hope it helps you if you too are feeling overwhelmed.
“I wanted to let you know that I hear you. I hear your ‘defeated’ and the exhaustion that lies beneath that. There are good reasons for this: It is time to turn inwards for the darker time of the year. It is time to plant seeds and let them gestate. I believe that another lockdown has a profound effect on the psyche of each human being. The wider world is quite mad as systems fall or try to fight to say upright. We, humans, are made of the same stuff and when dormancy calls then stirring everything up inside is counterintuitive.”

Career Coaching: Encouragement.

“I do know that you are working really hard on the outside, but, maybe it’s time to trust that whilst you do so, something is germinating on the inside, and that things will be ready to be seen and explored at a later point in time. Have faith, both in you and in right-timing. I’m here when that right timing shows up for you.
In the meantime, please be kind to yourself.”

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