Career Coaching: Have You Had Your Revelation Yet?

Career Coaching: Have You Had Your Revelation Yet? Nope, I’ve not suddenly got spun in a fervour of orthodox religion. I’m using the word ‘revelation’ because that’s what’s happening to people.

In the business world, so many people a buzzing with new ideas, new enterprises and new collaborations it’s inspiring to witness and partake in. And, these revelations are calling for individuals to really step in, to step into their power, their potential and the next iteration of themselves. This is so exciting… And, also it can feel quite daunting/overwhelming/bewildering …
“Who am I to …..?”
Well, as Marianne Williamson says:
“Who are you not to….”
And, it’s really worth gathering your team. What has arisen from lockdown is how much we need and benefit from collaboration. And, precisely BECAUSE of lockdown, we have discovered how easy it is to meet, even if it’s digitally (which gifts all your travel time back to your day).
I know from current experience that looking at the next me has been TERRIFYING and I also know that I would have e jettisoned the whole thing if I had not gathered my team around me, those who believe in me when I just cannot see it.

Career Coaching:

Have You Had Your Revelation Yet? You Have!!!

So, if you too are currently terrified by the prospect of your next iteration and your possibilities… take a look around you and choose who you want on your team. Who are the people who hold you in good heart abs whom you respect (meaning you can hear them when they say good things about you, to you)? Now, pull them closer, tell them your idea, ask for their input, trust your intuition. if you are drawn to someone, however, left field it might seem. Open the door with them and have an explore…. You just might find what you need…
It’s a risk. And, You’d regret it if you didn’t try it.
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