Doing the Healing Work

Career Coaching: Healing! What I’m noticing is that this pandemic is bringing up SO much healing for people



What’s that got to do with your career or business? Well, in my experience, when people show up for career coaching, take the lid off, and the real difficulty sometimes lies somewhere else. That doesn’t mean it’s outside of the coaching remit, what it means is that I’d we attend to that bit of ‘life’, or that belief that’s holding you back, and then your career will naturally align.
We are all whole-people, responsive to our contexts. Right now, our context is pretty pressured. Even if you are not directly affected by the virus, your world, your work, your every day will be being transformed by it.

Career Coaching: Healing!

This pressure shines a light on the things that are not working. For some, it’s a re-traumatising of experiences they long thought they had let go of. This is just the next layer coming off. It’s healing. And, it does hurt whilst it’s happening. So, my guidance is not to try and do it alone. I’m saying pull those who live you close – you may not need a professional, but you are allowed to be honest and to ask for love.
I can say this because, with my Coaching Clients, with my Supervisees, with my Peers, and with Me, I see this healing happening daily. It’s happening to all of us in one way or another. So, know you are not alone. Don’t try and do the work alone. And, know there is a purpose to the pain.
This is healing. This alchemical and the rewards WILL come.

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