Coaching & Honesty

One of the best questions a client has asked me in recent years is this:
‘What do I need to do in order to make the most of this coaching?’
I was quite put in the spot: this was qualitative, not quantitative.

The answer I gave was “Bring your Openness, your Honesty, and your Willingness”.  I watch individuals as they enter the coaching-space, as guarded professionals. In the space of minutes, they sink down into being themselves. That openness is essential. Sustainable careers are not built from our professional outside-selves. Sustainable careers are assembled from the inside, authentic-selves where your real hopes and dreams live. Once you have heard those, we can work out how you can take those into your outside world.

Career Coaching: Honesty

Honesty; why does that matter? Because as your coach, I am reliant on you to tell me when I have got it wrong. Humans join dots and make narratives out of those dots. If I am joining your dots in the wrong way then it is your responsibility to put me straight. Whilst I have been accused of being a mind reader on many occasions. The reality is that I am not. I’m an intuitive and experienced coach with a reasonable knowledge of a variety of industry sectors. What you bring to the mix is that you are the expert in how you work. I need to trust that you will tell me, as swiftly as you can, when I have made an assumption or gone of piste. We need this to be your journey, not mine!

Willingness; What does that look like in a career coaching context? It looks mostly like the willingness to do some things differently. It looks like taking small steps out of your comfort zone. You see, if you keep doing the same things, in the same ways, then you will get the same outcomes. Small, albeit scary, tweaks here and there, can lead to dramatically different results.

Do you have the openness, honesty, and willingness to feed this coaching journey? The rewards for doing so are incredible!

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