Where is Your Nourishment?

Career Coaching: Nourishment. In the blessed rooms of AA, they say, ‘you cannot give away what you haven’t got.’ A couple of decades ago, I think I took this as an insult. These words triggered my inadequacy – what do you mean I don’t have it?

Now, I have a deeper understanding, and I was reminded of this last night. Joining a call for Tree Sisters, I re-remembered just what it felt like to feel held. During meditation, I was gaining the sense that women all over the world had my back, as I had theirs. We were willing each other onwards towards success.

What A Beautiful Sensation. And all while I sat, alone, at my dining room table.

So, I realised that lockdown had triggered a ‘responsible’ way of being within me. That, in fear, I can easily make it ‘all work and no play’. That, despite being naturally introverted, I really DO need nourishment from other humans. I think it’s the first time I had genuinely exhaled in weeks. I was surrendering to connectedness and inner wellbeing.

Career Coaching: Nourishment

So, we can’t give away what we haven’t got. And, my clients really do need me to be steady and nourished and connected right now. Each piece of work is significant, as we tease out the crucial threads in these unprecedented times. We are all being called to face our Daemons, each of us. Therefore as a practitioner, I need to replenish myself regularly. I need to be walking my own talk.

So, my question to you is this: What have you set down in lockdown? What nourishment do you need? Sure, our personal and professional worlds are much changed. What are you missing right now? And how can you get that nourishment, albeit in a new way?

If ‘responsible’ is how I am going to be, I’d better take care of my wellbeing. And that extends way beyond good food and exercise. I need to be allowing myself to get filled-up along with other soul connected individuals. Only when we are ‘full’ can we be our best selves, best employees, and our best parenting people.

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