The Power of Reflection

Career Coaching: Reflection. How often do you take time to reflect before making a decision? I only ask this because yesterday I found I had got myself into a bit of a pickle. This is because I had not walked my own talk!

There is a five-year business vision rolling out before me, that involves me being “a warrior” on behalf of wielding the Divine Feminine at work so that people make wise decisions in business, leaders and life. This is a ginormous step for me. I have to step into my next iteration to do this and it’s triggering and scary as much as it is exciting…
Yesterday, having spent 4 days of my annual leave putting some time boundaries around the project. I. Was. Still. Stressed. Waking early morning, adrenaline coursing round my system, anxiety attaching itself to each and every decision …

Career Coaching: Reflection.

WTF was going on??? I showed up in all the places I said I would be and once I had coached, I rocked up to lunch with my husband in a sunny garden – wow! It’s spring! My husband asked one simple question… and I burst into tears…
“Have you had a chance to look at the architect’s drawings yet?”
The soup spoon lands on the floor and I’ve got tears coursing down my cheeks.
“No!” I say defensively, “I can’t”
“I can’t look at them because I think I’ll go mad”
“It’s all too much with the business build and the boy. I can’t put everything into boxes and move us all out at the same time. We’ll have to move into a new house so this house can be doubled in size here and I can’t do it. There’s too much going on at the same time”
“I thought so.” He responded.
At this point, I’m tempted to say “why the Fxxk didn’t you SAY anything” But I hold my tongue because I’m feeling raw.
He said: “look at it this way. We can get the drawings signed off without having to do anything until we are ready”
“Or, we could decide we aren’t doing this and we will buy abroad …”
“Or, we could put in the planning application in two years time once the boy is settled at big school”
“Just because we have the drawings doesn’t mean we have to do anything just yet. Personally, I can’t think of a worse time to do this work for any of us….  we didn’t know that when we started. And, we can take this at our own pace…”

This was an ABSOLUTE revelation to me!!!!

So, it was OK to feel that the business build AND moving so we could totally rebuild our house, simultaneously, was a lot??? And, we can choose our own schedule???? Well, of course, we can!  I had been following the lead of the architect (who does this day in, day out, so of course time is of the essence for her). And, I had forgotten (again!) that MY time is MY essence for me…
Had I paused to reflect on my personal life as I had in my businesses world, I could have avoided this tizz! Had I stopped to question whether I wanted it done to that timeframe, I would have seen the way I was contorting myself! And,  I’d have slept A LOT better….
Reflection is as powerful as action. Just sayin…..

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