When The Shit Hits The Fan!

Career Coaching: Routines: So, when the shit hits the fan in your world, what do you do?  I’m noticing a good trait in my world. When the shit hits the fan here, when I know I’m in for a stint of it, I double down on my self-care routines.

What does that mean? It means putting myself first. Wow! I just wrote that!!!! It means putting myself first and then helping those I love and who need me. Self-care for me looks like getting up before everyone else and stretching in the quiet. It’s sliding out of the door for a run (yes me!) before anyone can even need me. It involves putting the kettle on as a pass it, drum in hand, to sit in the apple tree, and call in the spirit allies.

Career Coaching: Routines

Self-care is making the effort to juice fresh veg and fruit for lunch instead of defaulting to cheese and biscuits and working on through (again!). Self-care is stopping. Even if it’s for ten minutes, in the day, maybe standing on the lawn or escaping into the allotments for a new perspective. It means going to bed at the said time as the boy if I want – 8.30pm is a fine time to get under the duvet thanks.
What self-care really takes is doing these things regularly, routinely. It’s choosing to not continuously drive myself forward to finish the to-do list. I have come to realise that the to-do list is never ever done.
Religiously carving out spaces, just for me, in the mayhem, that’s my self-care.
What does self-care look like for you? I’d love to know …

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