Career Coaching: Stop! Have you ever got to the end of the day and realised that you never did that thing? Have you ever noticed that the thing that you didn’t do was usually a thing for you? Hey is that? Clients are showing up here in front of me to be coached, having realised that if they don’t mean their needs first, they have very little to give To others at work or at home.

I think we are trained to give to others first as a default setting. Make sure everyone elders needs are met, and then we can do what we need, HOWEVER! The reality is that others’ needs are never all met, and the jobs are just never finished and thus we rarely get our treat.
That. Is. Not. Sustainable. Well, not without a good mix of exhaustion and resentment anyways.
I broke the mold this morning. It’s Monday. I got the boy to school. I did a run and then, before starting coaching, I had a bath. I had a bath with rose petals, I had a rose petal bath with essential oil. I had all of this luxury BEFORE I began work. It DID feel outrageous!

Career Coaching: Stop!

I showed up to work glowing. Visibly! I was literally radiant. I sailed through my client work and my admin, the boy came home and I was STILL in a good mood. Perhaps I need to do that again. Or at least, not work from dawn til dusk every day, before falling into bed. Only to get up and do the same thing the next day.
I know, most of us have children, businesses to run, or work to do from home. We have domestic pressures. We are holding it all in our heads all of the time. However, the work is never done. The trick has to be to learn how to get off the treadmill, albeit for half an hour. Who cares if the kids are glued to a screen.
Half an hour’s human-being can fuel whole days human doing!

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