True Feasibility

Career Coaching: True Feasibility. I’ve been looking at trees. What if we treated our careers more like nature treats her growth? What if, like trees, we headed for the longevity of the growth of a trunk as opposed to the cheap flare of momentary satisfaction of blossom?

In our current lockdown, I am conscious more than ever how we humans take and take and then take some more. How we take SO much more than we need. How we race to every finish line. How we exhaust ourselves and our planet by doing so.
What we are doing is working in a traditional, masculine,  yang energy. What we are missing is the view along the way. We are not seeing systemically. We fail to see that our careers and our very existences are entirely interdependent on a multitude of finely balanced and integrated aspects. When we tweak our behaviour too fast, there will be an impact elsewhere. Whether we know it or not.

Career Coaching: True Feasibility

If we could be more Yin, more holistic and more considerate, if we could enjoy the slow growth of a team as opposed to the single win of an individual, if we could be more strongly and powerfully feminine and collaborative and integrative, perhaps we could put an end to our individual boom and bust cycle throughout our professional lives.
We might even work in harmony with the planet. What we wouldn’t be doing is lining the pockets of already individuals or giving our power away to them…
What’s not to like?

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