What Really Matters?

Career coaching: What Matters? Ok, so here we are facing a pandemic. Most of us are in lockdown. Who would have thought this would be happening! In fact, from a business point of view, 2020 never had the clarity its title promised. With Brexit looming, no business could even have a 12-month forecast as we have no idea what comes beyond December 31st anyhow…Now, whilst everything might look entirely normal… it appears Mother Nature has sent us to our rooms to consider our behaviour…

Career Coaching: What Matters 

So, what it seems to come down to is “what matters”. When you can no longer leave your own home, do you need those new shoes, or are you actually after some fresh eggs? Do you want to invest in a new swanky laptop or do you actually need good health?
It seems to be time to take time to reflect, to take time to work out what really matters in our lives
How will we trade once we emerge from this pandemic? What needs to change in business so that we do no future harm? What do we really value when it comes down to it. How will we move forward in the near future? How do we want our business, work and home landscapes to look?
Just thoughts and questions – I believe there is SO much potential in this ‘crisis’
Stay well! 

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