What’s Next For You?

Career Coaching: What’s Next? This morning has consisted of a flurry of emails and calls from existing and new clients wanting to resume or begin coaching. What’s happened? I think that mostly, we are all beginning to recognise that life will never be the same again and secondly that life must go on anyway.

With Lockdown, some clients put this work on hold, intending to resume it when normality resumed. It appears that normality as we knew it has gone. That’s a weird thing to write. Breathe it in. The normality we knew has gone…

And there are two reactions to that. Firstly and the tingle of fear, then, swiftly, there is excitement. A majority of my conversations during Lockdown, both personal and professional, have been along these lines:

‘We don’t know how it’s going to look in 6 months or a year, and that means that anything is possible.’

There is a real feeling of excitement as people reflect and rebalance, and then decide what is important to them.

Career Coaching: What’s Next?

Clients who were headed for getting premises and high income have done a complete about-turn and decided that there are more important things than their current sector. The scale down is not through fear. It is through a values-recognition of where their skills meet what is needed in society right now. It is not the abandonment of a dream; it is an anchoring of that dream interwoven with and fuelled by a different intersection of the work with the world. The artist who’s going to study law, the admin assistant who has got PRINCE 2 under her belt. The university lecturer who has decided that happiness needs to be more of a thing in her professional repertoire. The coach who is choosing a totally new niche.

There are those who want more work, those of us who want less, those of us who have rebalanced and re-prioritised what we want to give and receive from the world. That’s the benefit of the pause – life does need to be lived, and this is the time you to design how YOU want to live it.

All things are up for grabs right now. We need to treat ourselves, our relationships with money, people, and the planet differently. I can heavily recommend reading Kate Rawson’s Doughnut Economics if you wish for your head and heart to be spun regarding how we have been living.

How do you want to live and work now? What will you harvest from this bizarre year?

 This is The Time To Design Things Your Way!

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