The Best Career Guidance in the Southwest?

Career Guidance Bristol:  This might come as a surprise, but as a career coach, I do not give much career guidance. This is what I provide instead:

Fresh Hints & Tips for Your CPD


I will give you time: to reflect and set down anything that no longer serves you.

I will give you space in order to harness those brilliant things you want to take forward.

These two things will give you the clarity to design it your way and the energy to take your career forward in a way that matters.

career guidance bristol

“These are the disruptors and change-makers, they are the future’s leaders.”

Finding work that matters is core to the individuals that I work with. These are not people who work in order to fund their lives. These are people who seek value-filled work to whom the way they earn their living is inseparable from their very being.

These are the disruptors and change-makers, they are the future’s leaders. These are the people who are propelled forward by their purpose and their values. These are the people who will not tolerate unethical behaviour in business. These are the people who will build the future of our communities and trade.

Career Guidance Bristol

So, if you find yourself intolerant of career guidance, perhaps it is time instead to gift yourself the time and space to identify exactly what work really matters to you. We need to get better at listening.

You do know what it is you need to be doing if only you can clear away others well-intentioned detritus in order to hear the small voice inside you. This is your wisdom. Listen to it and act accordingly. I dare you.

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