Career Transition Coaching

Why would you seek career transition coaching? Two reasons shout loudest to me. Firstly your role has changed beyond recognition. Secondly because you have outgrown your role.
I explore many of the reasons that your professional culture might have changed beyond recognition in this earlier content.   The fact that as individuals we might outgrown our jobs or even our whole sectors might be a revelation to those of us who were encouraged to put our faith in the job for life.
Whilst the linear route of increasing seniority within one organisation or one role might be way less common externally. For some of us, there is also an internal need for authenticity. We seek a more fulfilling and purposeful use of our skills and capabilities. What appealed to us in our early 20s can begin to seem empty as we walk towards our forties. We can begin to want the thing we do every day to count. We want our wort to count not only for ourselves but for others out in the world.
This desire for value-filled work can be complicated by two things. Firstly, there are so many needs out in the world, how do we choose a which one? Secondly, when we are bright and capable, how do we choose where best to go next. I now understand that it was meant as a complement when my mother used to say the words “but you can do anything“. Whilst she saw these words as filled with opportunities and excitement, I experienced them as leaden with responsibility and indecision. What was that ‘thing’ and how could I find it?’
Find ‘My Thing’ I did. My role is more fulfilling than I could ever have imagined, but, I surely took the long route. Had I had the wisdom to admit that I had no idea what ‘My Thing’ was, I might have avoided the lengthy process of refining my career path by elimination. I could have avoided several ‘wrong turns’ in roles that made me deeply unhappy.
So what career transition coaching will do is help you refine two things. Over a series of sessions we will refine what it is that you have to offer the world: Simultaneously we will refine exactly what you need from a role in return. If I job or a career path is to be sustainable, it needs to nourish you too. Together we can find this meeting place. Seeking the Sweet-spot where that which you bring feeds the role and the role you have feeds you too. This symbiosis makes your work not only most effective but also most enjoyable too! There’s a new idea…
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