Career Transition

Are you currently facing career transition? Whilst there are obvious career transition points in a life time, for example leaving academia or home buying, starting a family or retiring, there are all sorts of other triggers in between.

Many of these triggers can feel that they are not of our making right now. With budgets squeezing, many of the traditional ‘job of life’ professions have begun to seem unsustainable. The cultures within which doctors and teachers are working are changing so very swiftly that the original passion is all but obliterated under new constraints. When there are values-clashes between organisations and their employees, people often need to do something new in order to stay well themselves.

With Brexit-impending, those of you in the financial sectors might find yourselves uprooted to move into europe.  Equally, how exactly are entrepreneurs and SMO’s going to continue to trade internationally in this new paradigm? This level of uncertainty impacts confidence and the pound plummets. This way relocations and new career choices loom.

Consumer ethics are beginning to really show up in buying patterns of the basics of our lives. Individuals in the energy sector see people are deciding they are better of consuming conscientiously. Ethical energy is becoming ‘A Thing’, and it is very different in its culture, as independent suppliers challenge the strong hold of The Big Six. Equally there need to be shifts within traditional cultures in order that they survive the financial pressures. I see that some local councils are using energy as a way of funding communities and this is radical. The impact on the civil service culture, of entering a competitive market, will be a swift and perhaps brutal swipe at all that has gone before.

So this is what I mean by career transition: Gone is the job for life. Gone also is the sector culture for life. Each industry sector is having to work very hard to adapt to the pressure it faces and the changes might need to be extensive. Change is generally not be comfortable for those within it. Change is not something we are choosing. We need to equip ourselves to navigate cultural change even within our known sectors. Career Transition is something we need to embrace.

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