Honouring A Persistent Need

Career Coaching: Persistent Need. What do you do when you have a persistent need to do or achieve something when everyone around you is telling you to ‘get a proper job’

In my experience you do what you need to do anyways – that’s what I learned. Many, many people told me that it was not possible to make a good living out of coaching. Simultaneously, showing up and coaching was the only thing that consistently gave me and my clients reciprocal pleasure. So, being told it wasn’t possible made me want to do it all the more.
Here’s how: the essential element, beyond passion, was to surround me with a whole raft of people who DID believe that I could do this. I had to move well away from the doubters. These doubters included family members, some of my friends, they included colleagues who had known old iterations of me. They included other coaches who were not making successes of their own businesses.

Career Coaching: Persistent Need

I had to pull a team around me who got it. Those who endeavored you support me whatever the outcome. I got myself a business coach who described me as ‘a force of nature’. I got myself a content consultant who understood how and why I coached. I got myself a bunch of testimonials from people who had been coached by me and were rooting for me to do so more. I got myself the practical help of people who could teach me accounting skills and marketing. I literally hauled in people who either believed in me because they could see what I brought, or who didn’t need to believe in me because they brought practical skills…..
I have witnessed a multitude of clients as they have evidenced their own success in the same way too.
Then I set off: The more I coached, the better I felt because the more I coached the better the outcomes were for my clients, and then I felt good about what I was doing. I went out and evidence my own success in honouring my need. I have witnessed a multitude of clients as they have evidenced their own success in the same way too. So, that’s how I did it. And my advice to you is to do the same. Stick to your guns. Pull a bunch of believers close to you, and for the time being, put a little bit of distance between you and those who don’t share your truth (yet).

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