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If leadership is possible at all levels of an organisation and in all ways then a leadership coach must be the one who works to emphasise the existing strengths  I see one of the roles of leadership coach as enabling business leaders to realign themselves with the original values you set out with.

“If power corrupts then absolute power corrupts absolutely… “

With good leadership comes success and with increased success comes increased distractions: More money, more responsibility, more people, more possibilities… The temptations will grow incrementally alongside your increased influence.

One of the roles of the coach is the enable each leader to hold their core-values in mind. Whilst the decisions may differ and the pressures increase and the temptations grow… the core values of the organisation or team will pretty much remain the same.

“And indeed you did know it, right from the beginning…”

This is the real benefit of knowing your core values. They are your own personalised moral compass and they need to be honoured in all your decisions. For example, if one of your core values is ‘equality’, then factor-in that consideration when you explore your next business proposal… If engaging with this new organisation does not honour this value then it swiftly becomes clear that this business collaboration does not bode well.  Whilst the beginning might be sweet but it will, I can guarantee, prove unsustainable and unproductive in the medium term. Months down the line you will be kicking yourself saying, ‘I knew it!’ And indeed you did know it, right from the beginning.

Leadership Coach: Working with Your Core Values

The difficulty is that it can be difficult to justify a gut instinct. Read Malcolm Gladwell’s “Blink” if you want to understand it more… but knowing your core values means that you can evidence your instinct. You can prove to shareholders or business partners why this will not work.

leadership coach

This information is invaluable in navigating the changes that all business and organisations will encounter. One cannot remain static and simultaneously ensure continued success. External contexts move way too fast to allow the grass to grow under your feet. You need to move with your market. How you move with your market and your business development is always the question.

Access and honour your core values and you will ensure that you chose the right opportunities and collaborations for your business. This holds your enterprise right on track.

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