The Tale of Two Leaders …

Leadership Coaching: Agility. There once was a leader who was Old Skool. He wore a suit every day. He worked in a young environment and all the others dressed smart-casual. He was very sales oriented. He did listen to his employees but would often take the reverse decision at the last minute. Morale was low in the office. The industry sector was changing fast. All the creativity needed in order to be agile within those changes went unrewarded either financially or in person. There was no time to reflect or celebrate successes. Therefore, everyone was exhausted.

“Guess who got the job? Whilst I know who I would hire and, I am not them…”

A promotion opportunity for this manager opened up. His colleague also applied, got interviewed and given the same tasks to complete. The first manager kept all his interview experiences close to his chest. His colleague had a totally different approach: She shared the nature of the tasks and she engaged the other staff in them. She called meetings to consult to establish priorities and challenges. She got people together to hear what was really going on before making informed decisions for her answers for the interview panel. This woman was curious. She asked and she heard and she harvested information. She held space and collaborated. She had a passion for designing good outcomes that were bespoke to those who worked there. She gifted autonomy…

Leadership Coaching: Agility

Guess who got the job? Whilst I know who I would hire and, I am not them… Interestingly enough the answer to that question all depends on the culture of the workplace. If this had been a truly innovative work culture (see Tribal Leadership) operating at stage 4&5 then, of course, they would have hired the second, collaborative leader.

If however, it’s the first manager who was hired, then this is a sign that the culture is one that is in denial. A culture that’s operating at level 3, but pretending to be more. If the first manager got hired then it is my prediction this is an organisation that may not last long. Not just because that particular individual is not equipped to do what is needed in order to navigate the industry sector changes, but also because with his hiring that organisation gives off a serious message they believe he is their solution…  That will not be an agile organisation. That’s an organisation wedded to the old ways. That organisation will not stay afloat in the sea of new technology and changing  market needs.

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