Leadership: Taking The First Steps

Leadership Coaching Trust: How do you know if you’re a leader? Well, you don’t until you start something and find that people are following…Well, why would you do that? Very simply, you’d do that because it matters. To try to lead change, with no guarantees of success, with no hint of any followers….to take that risk, it has to be something that Really Matters.

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Now the problem people can encounter with the prospect of ‘doing something that really matters’ is that whilst you might feel it really strongly in your heart and in your gut, all of us are cursed with a head.
Let me explain that: raised in a culture where all the emphasis is on tests, linear goals and on ‘thinking’, we are really well educated to think our way our Of any opportunity
How often, late at night, have you thought ‘I know! That’s what I want to do!’ And, by the cold light of morning you have literally taken out your bright, new, shiny, hopeful little idea with a barrage of logic and objections …. and how many times in the future have you thought ‘I wish I had done that thing… look, it’s happening over there’ and experienced that frustration of having dismissed yourself?’
Yep! Me too!

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I am learning to hold my new ideas differently… I am learning to hold them gently. I am learning to behave a little more as nature does. With a new seedling, it makes a start. with a new seedling, it keeps it snug underground. Nature keeps her new things sheltered from storms and high winds. Nature might thrust a tap root down if the environment is right, and therefore begin to benefit from nutrients. Never does nature expose new shoots to the frost of others criticism…

Leadership Coaching Trust

So don’t be Human about your need for change. Don’t expose this awesome potential to harsh elements either inside or outside of yourselves… Instead be like nature and Make a start: Nourish your idea, quiet the negative voices, do a little exploration, do a little deepening, be kind to it.
If this change is needed then it WILL grow. Even in the dark days when nobody can see it. Share it only with those who will respect your new idea, even if they don’t fully ‘get it’. Feed it even when you despair of anything happening. Feed it when it is tiny, feed it when it is small, feed it even when it gets bigger, right place, right time aha right people will all be magnetised in by this thing.
If you refrain from criticising it, flogging it, and picking holes in it, then it will grow into itself.
A new idea has a whole identity of its own. Feed that idea and the identity will grow stronger, before you know it, if you refuse to deviate (& that takes steadiness and trust!) you’ll have others joining you too…
Honestly, you just need to hold still and trust that if it really matters to you then that is enough for it to become real. That is how you lead change, stay close to the ground, listen and respond. Pushing on through is generally exhausting, leading to malnourished growth and that’s rarely strong enough to fruit.
Be like nature:
Start Something & keep it safe!
I dare you

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