Leadership & Vulnerability 

Leadership coaching: vulnerability. There is little that bodes better for me as a coach, and for the relationship we shall build together, than the moment that a Coachee Says these words:

“Well, I had my first breakdown in my early 20s…”
That’s when I know two important things: That’s when I know that’s a client is showing up, real, authentic, courageous and willing to do the work. That’s also when I know that this individual has resilience and the ability to learn.
You would be surprised just how many very senior individuals have dragged themselves back from the edge. This is exactly where gives them the passion to push forward in their chosen sector. This is precisely what drives them forward, willing to tackle injustices and to truly empower their team. Our culture is still full of shame about mental health issues. Considering one in four of us experience them at some point in our lives that does seem slightly ridiculous. However old beliefs die hard.
Personally, I’d MUCH rather work with a client who knows themselves, knows their triggers and their strengths. I’d much rather work with someone who knows the gifts they gained from those’ rebirths’. I’d much rather work with people who do know that dark, for it is these individuals have such a clear vision of the light.

Leadership coaching: vulnerability 

Leaders who own their own vulnerability and the strength gained from it, are much better at enabling their teams to learn. They can enable those they support to take the good from their dark experiences too. Vulnerability it permission giving.  Resilience shows where the hope lies. It’s fabulous role modeling for those you support. And no, I’m not saying you have to tell everyone you work with your story. In asking you to trust that you embody your experiences. This way there is permission granted to all those you collaborate with, to grow, merely by being who and how you are.
I see my job as helping to design the next bit sustainability. When we are moved to do heart work then we need to take care of ourselves. Let’s avoid repeating burnout. There’s only a certain amount of times we need to take ourselves right to the edge. Just because we do know how to rebuild our lives doesn’t mean we should put ourselves through the process repeatedly. Much more useful in the works If we save our energy and give in a measured and potent way.

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