Two Essential Qualities of an Excellent Leadership Development Coach

Leadership Development Coach: A Curious Coach

Two leadership facets have importance over everything else: Firstly your development will benefit from a really curious coach. A coach who will ask the awkward questions. A good coach does not need to originate from your industry sector or business, but, a good coach really does need to want to understand your business, and to understand your perspective within it. You wouldn’t go to a sports coach and not expect your muscles to burn a little would you? Equally work a good leadership development coach and you leave feeling similarly stretched and full of endorphin-rush of possibility.

leadership development coach

Unique Leadership

Secondly you will need a coach who will nourish your innate strengths in service of developing your own unique leadership style. Nobody can lead like you can lead. Equally you cannot lead like anyone else. Copying anyone else leadership style is futile. We can always borrow techniques from leadership of excellence that inspired us. There is no point however in trying to ‘be’ these inspirational characters. If you try to emulate anyone but yourself, you merely dilute you own essential leadership style. Try to be anyone other than yourself and you atrophy your own unique leadership inspiration.

Listening in order to Lead

If you are to ‘lead’ you need to learn to listen to yourself. How can you expect anyone else to take a blind bit of notice of your brilliance if you dishonour it daily. Listening to yourself takes practise. Listening to yourself takes encouragement. Hearing yourself takes a host of people around  who will encourage you to source you own wisdom, rather than spend the whole of you time together imparting their wisdom.

Leadership Resources

Tribal Leadership is one of a multitude of excellent leadership development resources that I can wholeheartedly recommend to you. The emphasis lies in the power of leadership based in collaboration and empowerment. The book evidences how this generosity leads to authentic innovation. How the agility and responsiveness of every team member leads to business excellence and the upwards spiral of positivity and thus of profits. So in deciding on a leadership development coach, do you want a coach who will over-ride your way by imparting her wisdom, or, do you desire a coach who will journey alongside you whilst you gain trust in your unique leadership style?

Just sayin….