Professional Generosity

One if the real perks of my job is the very real brilliance that fills the space we share as soon as a client enters the room. What he or she brings is their own wisdom and knowing. We then embark on a collaborative journey, pooling our resources in service of meeting the objectives of the coachee.
I love this sharing. Competition is rendered impotent and in its place. Good-will, generosity and collaboration grow strong as time progresses and our relationship deepens.
The sheer volume of resources, ideas, aspirations and inspiration that are exchanged and explored within this space leaves me buzzing with the possibilities.
Sure, we might get stuck or scared at times. This is when we need to trust that we will walk or talk our way through these challenges come what may.
Mostly each coaching season has an abundance of excellent energy. This potent brew, concocted between us, then rolls right out into the world of business, trailblazing ethical and powerful intent.
Bring it on I say! It’s a privilege to see the unfolding journeys, the first steps of which were witnessed in my coaching room. It is certainly in gratitude that I get to celebrate that I absolutely adore my professional world and all who join me here.

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