Career Coaching: Inner Critic

How Does Your Inner Critic Get In Your Way?

Career Coaching: inner critic.What has your inner critic sabotaged for you recently? I’ve been all too aware of mine in recent weeks.After four decades I have finally located the place where my inner critic is most active and powerful. This is a great piece of information to have for all of us because then you […]

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Career Coaching: Permission

Whose Hoops Are You Jumping Through?

Career Coaching: Permission. One  of the roles of a career coach is that of granting permission. Permission to what? Permission to do this career-thing in the way YOU want. Often we arrive in our adulthood and we are absolutely full of ‘shoulds & oughts’. You may have been absolutely playing by ‘the rules’ for years. […]

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Career Coaching: Promotion

The Downside of Promotion

Career Coaching: Promotion. You are enough. A question clients are often asking themselves, and me, when they show up here, is this: “What value do I bring to the business?” On the back of a promotion, Imposter Syndrome can really kick in. The gap between how you perceive yourself and what others see in you, […]

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Career Coaching: Wrong


Career Coaching: innovation. Some people find it difficult to know what they want to do, even in their 30s, 40s or 50s and it’s not because they are indecisive. It is because their job has not been invented yet. Why has it not been invented? That will be because that person needs to birth the […]

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Career Coaching: Insanity

To Do This Is Insanity!

Career coaching: Insanity. In order to change your circumstances, you need to act differently. In order to act differently, you need to take risks. Humans are generally risk-averse. This is a natural part of our psyche. We don’t want to step into the unknown. We want to know exactly what the outcome will be if […]

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Career Coaching: Portfolio Career

Managing Your ​Portfolio Career

Career Coaching: Portfolio Career. Increasingly people come to me seeking their Professional Thing, only to find that what they really want, is a series of Professional Things. They want to earn thier living by honouring several strands of things that they love. This is perfectly possible and very joyous for certain personality types. These days […]

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Career Coach: Imposter Syndrome

Imposter Syndrome

  Career Coach: Imposter syndrome is SO common. Much more common than you would ever imagine. When you see how some people ‘present’ themselves, you would assume they have never doubted themselves and their ability to do their job, ever. I would counteract that by saying the everyone has their doubts on some days. Comparing […]

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Career Coach: joy

Career coach: Joy

Career coach: Joy. Is it possible to find work that gives you joy as well as an income? Absolutely! Did anyone tell you at school that this was possible? Or were you expected to fulfill someone else’s pre-defined category?With most people, I meet the answer is often sadly, ‘Absolutely’ all over again… “The place God calls […]

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