career coaching an apology

Career Coaching: An Apology

Career coaching: An Apology The Career advice you probably didn’t get and The Career advice I definitely didn’t get was this  “Listen to yourself” I wonder if this resonates with you? Growing up I was taught to listen to my parents and to listen to my teachers, to listen to my ‘careers advisor’ and even […]

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career coaching walking my talk

Career Coaching: Walking My Talk!

Career coaching: Walking my talk – I’ve had a reminder over the past year of exactly how hard I ask my clients to work & the discomfort I expect them to face. The transformation that leads to a career-change or a business-build is not that of the tasks that need to happen on the outside. Before that, […]

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career coaching really heard

Career Coaching: Really Heard

Career Coaching: Really Heard. How does it feel for you when you are heard? And, what happens as a result of that witnessing? My experiences show it’s VALUABLE! . Today I had a mundane, small boy-related, ‘I’m excluded’ incident. Doesn’t matter now what it was. But, when I got back from the school run I was […]

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career coaching workaholic

Career Coaching: Workaholic 

Career Coaching: Workaholic. So,  how’s your ‘responsible workaholic”? Just asking because mine has been in full flow during the last 18 months…I have taken myself to the wall and beyond several times and now this needs to stop. And, my question was not an insult. The “Responsible Workaholic” is a personality type named in Karlah’s Process […]

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career coaching 30 year old men

Career Coaching: 30-year-old Men

Career Coaching: 30-year-old Men – There’s something different happening. Far more Younger men are coming to coaching. In the past decade, it’s been the women who showed up here aged 35 saying ‘I don’t know what I do want to do but it sure ain’t this!” The men didn’t show up until a decade later, at best. Following […]

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