Business Coaching & Your USP

Business Coaching & Your USP:

How can business coaching support your enterprise? Business coaching will help you play to your strengths and attend to your vulnerabilities. There is much talk about identifying your USP in business but even if we can find what that is, how on earth do we have the courage to actually roll that out into the world? If we take a good look at the meaning of Unique Selling Point, it strikes me that what we are actually working with is, your own unique-oddity.

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Your Unique-Oddity

Business coaching can bring you to that point where you are relatively safe exposing your very own unique-oddity to most other humans. Where you are secure enough in yourself to know that people can take or leave your unique oddity and it is neither here nor there. Where you trust that If others are supposed to engage with your unique oddity then they will and your enterprise will grow, naturally. Once your unique-oddity has free-reign, who knows what she will do. Whatever she does, it will be really, very amazing!

Exposing Your Business-Oddity

If like me, you spent the first 30 years of your life trying to ‘fit-in’, to ‘belong’ and to not ‘stand out’ too far, then exposing your unique-oddity will not be easy. If you have spent years trying ‘not be noticed’, then, it is entirely counter-intuitive to suddenly say, “Hey! Here it is! Here’s my totally odd-thing that is going to make me stand out from everyone else!”. Why? Because it is going to make you feel really, really vulnerable to begin with! This is exactly the thing that you have been avoiding showing anyone for decades. It’s gonna take some practise and thus some time, to be able to risk showing that piece of yourself. This is not down to anyone else’s judgement, this judgement is all your very own.

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Business Agility

One of my unique oddities is business agility: I surely didn’t see this as a strength in my younger years. It was a painful experience to be able to join the dots, to see the patterns and speak what i saw as obvious. I usually emerged rather bruised for voicing the fear that others could only vaguely sense and certainly didn’t want to voice. Today this agility is a serious asset in my business world, but I was extremely tentative about sharing that one because it often hurt in the past.

So to begin with you need to show your unique-oddity to those who will treat it with the TLC it deserves. Treat your unique-oddity as a tiny little seedling that had just popped its head over the edge of the soil and does not need stamping on. Choose wisely who to show it to. Sometimes it is our family of origin or our existing relationships that can stamp hardest. This is because when we show them the ‘new us’ they are often surprised. Instead, perhaps share this facet with a colleague of choice in order to strengthen and grow this new you.

Brilliant Business:

With your new stronger roots you can introduce your unique oddity into an expanded circle. As you occupy more of the space within your unique-oddity, the language you use in order to introduce if will meld and change. Your experience of inhabiting and owning your unique-oddity will also change and grow. As you repeat these steps, expand the circle, gain confidence, grow yourself, and expand those who know, you will allow your unique oddity the space it really deserves. You will know you are doing this when you begin to feel sudden and frequent flashes of joy in the everyday. Business really can be Brilliant. Nurture your own unique-oddity and everything else will line right up behind that! Business coaching can have many different facets, but first of all, ensure it is lead by you!