Who’s In Charge Of This Business?

Business Coaching: Be clear who exactly is in charge of what. My husband and I are both “leaders”. That means that we both think that we are right. We both think that we are right all of the time. This has caused acute conflict for a decade. Whilst I hesitate to admit this … My husband taught me a valuable lesson

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Assembling the bunk beds for the small boy, we worked together. We didn’t argue. There was no storming out. There was not a hint of friction. Nobody had to have the last word. The job got done. The bunk beds still stand today.
THAT WAS BIZARRE!!! As I was busy congratulating us later that evening, as the boy lay in his new bed and it hadn’t fallen down…. My husband said this:

“I decided to let you be in charge this time. you seemed to know what you were doing, you were holding the drill and I decided to simply do what you asked of me.”

That was kinda humbling… It’s a strategy we use often now. Who’s in charge on this one?’ we ask. My husband is much better at lego than I am. My job is to find the pieces…
The applies to job roles, leadership; and whole businesses too. I see businesses that are literally behaving like dysfunctions families. On one hand, this is natural in that we replicate what we know within that which we create.  To De-Shame that one, I have not yet met one person who has not experienced some kind of dysfunction in their upbringing. On the other hand, to bring this to business can be disastrous if left unaddressed.
What I observe in business coaching it is the people who serve the organisation who suffer most. These individuals, who are after all your greatest resource, will begin to move away. High staff turnover and skills leakage is a sure sign that there is some kind of unconscious sabotage occurring. Once the people leave then the bottom line is under threat and what started out as a brilliant new way of doing things, soon implodes into a profitless, joyless endeavour.
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My Business Coaching Advice:

To really make the most of your potential: The potential of your widget, the potential of your people and their unique contribution, the potential of the business try this: Decide who is in charge and then let them be so: Don’t interfere with their plan. Don’t fret and worry them. Do give them the space to do what they need. Be there if they ask for help. Be willing to offer your wisdom ONLY if it is sought, in service of the project. Be there if it ‘fails’ and they need help problems solving. Celebrate the learning that was had from the process. That’s it!
MOST OF ALL: Listen, listen LISTEN to what they need. Here’s Forbe’s advice on how to listen
Let go and don’t sabotage. That’s all you need to do to empower your people.
Bring humility and the belief that if it goes” t*ts-up” then things will be learned. Interfere at the wrong time and you can almost guarantee failure.
Resist being that person that feeds in opinion, conflict, lack of trust and energy that is corrosive.
Be humble. Be Clear: I Dare You! 

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